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Relationship Counselling

Couples come to counselling for a wide range of reasons. These might include:

  • Improving an existing relationship
  • Addressing sexual issues
  • Dealing with affairs
  • Dealing with divorce or the breakdown of a relationship

Couples wanting to improve an existing relationship

When couples want to improve their relationships, I work together with them to identify joint long-term relationship goals and any obstacles that may be preventing them from attaining them. Couples learn new communication and conflict resolution skills and discover how to improve intimacy and trust in their relationship.

Couples wanting to address sexual issues

Some couples find that, despite having a loving and well-functioning relationship in other respects, sexually they are not fulfilled. This may be due to different sexual preferences or different levels of sexual desire. I work with couples to help them to approach sex in a new way and to communicate more effectively in the bedroom. For further information about sex therapy please click here.

Couples dealing with affairs

It is believed that infidelity occurs in around half of all relationships, and it can have harmful consequences in terms of destroying trust and breaking a fundamental bond between a couple. However, couples who are willing to seek out and address the reasons why an affair occurred and to rebuild the trust often end up with stronger relationships. I work sensitively with clients to help them unearth the roots of the affair, explore it significance for the relationship and, if appropriate, build a new stronger partnership between the couple.

Couples dealing with divorce or the breakdown of a relationship

When individuals and couples have decided to end a relationship, I help them to make the transition to life apart in a way that is as supportive as possible for both parties. I work with the couple to identify the key issues that need to be addressed for an amicable separation and to set new boundaries for the relationship between the two individuals. Communication and conflict resolution skills learnt in the counselling sessions can help clients to tackle the difficult separation process in a constructive way.

Couples work can be long or short-term but usually consists of at least 10 sessions. The first session is spent setting joint goals for the work together. An individual session may then be held with each of the partners to discuss their personal histories. All subsequent work generally takes place in joint sessions. Couples counselling can be a very rewarding experience for all couples who wish to deepen their relationships and move them to a new level.

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“A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” - Dave Meurer

Joanna Benfield - Sex Therapist, Sex Addiction Therapist and Couples Counsellor
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